AbuLLard's ABCs of Branding

"Notes from AbuLLard" -  January 3, 2011

Time flies...

 Wonder why you haven't heard from that client ... ?

Everyone I talk to these days talks about how the time just whizzes by. Here we are coming up on Labor Day already ... where did the summer go? It's already been a month since the last issue of Abby's notes. How did that happen, when I set out to write these notes every two weeks?

Well, in addition to work, with all the interruptions, schedule changes, critical meetings, personnel issues, client meetings ... life happens. The car breaks down. There are problems with the plumbing. The kids have to get ready for college. The dog gets sick. Weren't we going to take a few days of vacation?

We are all busy these days ... and we don't always do everything in as timely a fashion as others would like. Just the other day I called someone whose business card had been lying on my desk since we met at an event the end of May. I was chagrinned because I hadn't tried to contact her sooner. What did she say when she answered the phone? "I'm so glad you called! Your card has been on my desk in my 'to do' pile since we met!"

I bring this up because too often we worry because we haven't had that return call from an important contact. Or a client hasn't responded to a proposal. "It's been a month! Why haven't they called?" We take it personally. We extrapolate that they aren't interested. Think about what's going on in your life ... Maybe they are just busy too! Maybe they didn't even get your e-mail or your voice mail. Messages do get lost or overlooked.

It never hurts to reach out just one more time ...

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AbuLLard's ABCs on the Web

AbuLLard's ABCs of Branding -- the Web Site

Well, last month we promised you an "e-book" version of AbuLLard's ABCs of Branding. Well, in the past month (which is why you haven't heard from us) it's undergone a transformation. Instead of a downloadable book, Abby has created a web site: There you can find his wit and wisdom on the subject of branding, illustrated by the usual suspects ... the cows, the sassy sheep, and a few other critters.

Even if you've read the book, check it out! We've made a few changes in the words used to illustrate the concepts -- for example, E is for Expectations now. Formerly it was for Economical. That's still important but the concept has been folded into F is for Feasible, since being able to afford to implement your brand strategy is part of it being feasible.

Additionally, every page now has a Cow Tip, there are many more Sheep Shots., Some pages have links to additional information which we be added to over the coming weeks and months.

As with any web site it's a living entity. We will be adding more material to it in the future. There is a sign up link on the site if you are interested in becoming a member of "the herd". At this point, it's free. We will institute a small fee for premium content somewhere down the road.

We'd love to get your feedback. Let AbuLLard know what you think. Send him an email at:

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AbuLLard goes to College

Teaching at Temple University

AbuLLard's alter ego, Dr. Jean, is an assistant professor in Temple's Fox School of Business. She teaches international and entrepreneurial marketing classes. "I'm really excited about it," she says. "It brings together my passion for branding, international marketing and cross cultural learning."

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